lørdag den 21. juli 2012

Photoshoot: ElfQuest - Cutter and Skywise

GOD sometimes I wish we had just cut of one finger and make everything easier for me! ;D <3

Last weekend me and my lovely Skywise when on a photoshoot.
It was the very first time we've ever taken pictures together like this, and my very first time working with Silas, who is our AWESOME/FANTASTIC/GENIUS photographer!

I'm very pleased with the pictures and I can't wait for a bigger shoot in August where we will be a bigger group of ElfQuest cosplayers. :3 wuup wuup!

Other than this shoot, my awesome partner is now working on a small video from the shoot, and I'm looking very much forward to see her work! :D I'll link it up when it's done!
BUT to see more pictures from this shoot, go to awesome Lupin's blog! :D

The lights and skin is edited by Silas, and the finger-removings and stuff is edited by me (with some help from awesome/fantastic/genius Ali Jehad <3) 

I also wants to thank our little "slave"/helper, Louise, who did a great job on the filming, driving, carry our stuff, helping Silas and being around spreading good mood! :D

Characters: Cutter & Skywise (ElfQuest)
Model:  Me & Lupin
Photographer: Silas Staal
Editing: Silas Staal & me
Location: Hareskoven, Denmark


Yesterday we was uploaded on the official ElfQuest Facebook site, and I just wanted to tell you guys, and it means the world to us that you guys like what we do! We are both huge huge huge ElfQuest fans and been reading the comics since we where little girls and that is the reason why these cosplays means so much to us.
Reading all the sweet comments you guys gave us so far have been going straight to our hearts, and we are so happy to share the love of this comic the way we do it!!
I'm sorry it's so weird written but I honestly don't know how to describe how happy I am!
Thanks to Richard and Wendy Pini for making this wonderful wonderful comic! I know that so many people agree with me when I say that your comic lies deep deep in our hearts!   <3

We are "sending" all of you our ElfQuest love! <3

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  1. You guys are AWESOME! LIKE THAT! <3

  2. De der sending sparkles. De dræber mig. det er for perfekt.

  3. My most precious *Tam* <3 Love all the pictures of us - and the editing is so nice! <3 <3 <3

    More shoots to come pleasse!