torsdag den 22. september 2011

Photoshoot - Kallen Stadtfeld

Character: Kallen Stadtfeld (black Knight Uniform)
Model:  Lea
Photographer: Me
Editing: Me
Location: Frederiksborgs Carsel, Hilleød


tirsdag den 13. september 2011

Photoshoot - Beyblade

Cosplay: Kai Hiwatari & Ray Kon
Cosplayers:  Lea and me
Phorographer: Lea, me and Nadia
Editing: Me
Location: Frederiksborgs Carsel, Hilleød and around the lake..







mandag den 12. september 2011

Cosplay now and cosplay future

Heyya guys. :3

While I'm busy trying to edit the pictures from last weeks photoshoots, I wanted to make a small update on the cosplay I'm currently working on and a future-cosplay I look so much forward to!

Let's start with the one I'm working on ATM:

Cosplay no. 1:
Girly-cosplay (Secret):
I'm looking so much forward to cosplay as her together with my good friend Ri-chan. :3
THOUGH I have to wear very little clothing, and I'm a bit nervous about showing to much legs and stuff, but I think that I'll manage. :3

Cosplay no. 2
Secret (j-popcon) projcet:

Well.. Without tell WHAT me and Nadia is working on, I just wanted to share some of the preparations that I'm working on ATM...
First of all, I'm currently working out, since I need to have SOME mussels in my arms for the show. >___> And I'm SO weak it's almost embarrassing..  So right now, my arms is SO sour from yesterdays workout.
I'm currently sitting home foreverh-alone trying to tape down some of the lines I have to say during the show............ I SUCK!!! >___> I knew I was bad at dubbing, but OMG I'm having such a hard time pulling my character off... I don't even...!  It almost makes me sad...
we are trying to tape the skit with a new sound-program that we have never worked with before. It's so much better than AudaCity, but also a bit more confusing and the microphone doesn't want to work with me. >___> Damn you!
But we are getting closer and closer to J-popcon. At first I seriously doubted that we would be done in time, but right now I'm pretty optimistic... :3 There is still a long way to go...

Anyways, that's what you get for now...

Future cosplay that I'm looking so much forward to, I can't even wait to tell you guys, so I'll just do it now!...

He'd been my no.1 hero since I was a little girl, and now just gave in to the temptation.... XD;
I'm cosplaying with a smaller group of people and I'm looking so much forward to it, I don't even...
And I know... Cutter is a MANLY MAN, but I still hope that I can pull him of okay.

I'll make this costume... That way it'll be easyer for me to hide that I have curves and he looks so goddammit sexy..

Anyways, I can't wait to start working on him :3 And I'm looking so much forward to make NewMoon (his sword)... ELFQUEST TO THE EVERH!!!

mandag den 5. september 2011

Photoshoot - C.C.

Cosplay: C.C.
Cosplayer:  Lea
Phorographer: Me
Editing: Me
Location: Frederiksborgs Carsel, Hilleød

Photoshoot - Natsuki Kuga

Hey there guys...

This week I had my lovely friend Lea over, and we have been on 6 cosplay photoshoots (4 of Lea, 1 of me and 1 together) and 1 Having-fun-photoshoot.

Anyway, I took a lot of pictures of Lea and I can't wait to show you guys how awesome she is infront of a camera..
But let's start with my ego.
I just finnished editing the pictures of my Natsuki Kuga cosplay and I'll just upload a few and link you further to my account..

Enjoy n.n


Cosplay: Natsuki Kuga
Cosplayer:  Me
Phorographer: Lea
Editing: Me
Location: Frederiksborgs Carsel, Hilleød