torsdag den 31. marts 2011

Update and girly cosplays

Just a quick update about what I'm currently working on.
Since Nadia helped me with the design I need some help when I want to change things, like what cosplays I'm wokring on, planning ect.

SVScon is up, and as it looks atm, I just need to sew one new cosplay. Lucky me. ;W;
Anyways, I'm planing on going to the stage Friday with a friend of mine and I seriously can't wait! ;W; (We've just planned it about a month ago and until then, I thought I was going to watch the Freestyle show this year..)

anyways, my cosplay project here is:


I'm about 70% done with him and I might update with pictures tomorrow.

Other than that, I'm wokring on a cosplay I might not even use for a comvention but basicly just start sewing for fun. XD;


I just finnished up the white shirt yesterday.
It's ended up better than I've expected, but the sleeves is a biiiit tight. Unfortunetly I chose a fabric that breaks when you tear the thread up. -___-; So I can't change anything about it...
I'm around 50% done with the west and haven't started on the skirt yet.
IF I deside to wear this at a convention, it might be at Desu-con in Norway this year.. if me and my LoveMustacheBuddy desides to go.

Other than that, I'm starting to plan a lot more girly cosplays, since I'm a bit annoyed about cosplaying guys all the time.
So I've been thinking a lot about some girls I would like to cosplay. :3

TAKI (Soul Calibur)
BUT ONLY if I can plan this with my Hopy-honey =W=

MEGARA (Hercules)
I have more or less allready planed this with Lea. XD;

BLINDED (Fatal Frame)
Because she is so EFF'ing scary that I HAVE to do it. XD

NAMI (One piece)
I've been asked to cosplay her many times.. And I like her a lot.. so. :3

MISTY (Pokémon)
Right now I can not quite figure out if I want to cosplay her or Gary for a project I have with the rest of the Mustache-house
Simpel.. Because I love her! :3

But I have some girl-cosplay-plans for this year that I WILL cosplay and therefore did not mention them. XD
But yeah, that's about it for now guys. :3 

torsdag den 10. marts 2011


So back from Okashii-con and everything. :3

I manage to finish my Kai cosplay without pulling an all-nighter. XD;
I think I did him (MØF!!!) very well. :3 I’m proud of it anyways, and I can’t wait to take a photoshoot with my lovely Lea =w=

Anyways, Okashii-con was great and I had so much fun. ;w;
I don’t think I did all the “in-character” very well. XD; I was goofing around and laughing most of the time. XD
The only time I got the chance to pull a FULLY-in-character-thingie was when Shinji provoked me to.. XD and then I got raped by her.. lol XD;

Since I usually don’t take pictures at convention, I’ll steal some of the others pictures. XD; sorry guys >3<

My beloved Hopy came by to say Hi, and I was so glad to see her again! ;W; MISS YOU DARLING!

LOL Danish groupe of doom... with a DSi! XD

Sorry, Hayes. XD I just love this picture. Look how happy he is XD

Aaaw lovely Line Don't mind the freaks around her! XD

Thanks Hayes and Kiba for helping me look awesome XD

Chibi Ray and Kai taken by Ali Jehad

Thanks for a lovely con everybody ♥

Another news:
I just uploadet a new costume on the cosplay.con accond: Tima (casual) ^___^/

onsdag den 2. marts 2011

Beyblade wigs

The last few days, I’ve been working on my Kai-cosplay witch I will use for Okashii-con next weekend. :3
I asked my lovemustachebuddy Kami , who styled my Dark Mousy wig, to help me and teach me how do make so amazing wigs as she does, and so it begins. XD; (I want to say that Kami makes it looks SO easy... but IT'S NOT!!! >____< )

Fist I worked on Ray, witch I had promise my darling cosplay-partner, Lea, to take care of, weather it was me or Kami who styled it.
So… Ray was my beginner-project. n.n

For my first “spikey”-wig, I think I did well. XD;
Kami helped me a lot, especially on the back, and she did the bangs for me. XD
Now I just hope that Lea likes it. n.n

Kai was a bigger project, but I wanted to do this ALL by myself!!!
Fist I had so sew two wigs together. I choose not to do a 50-50 with the wigs even though that’s what he has, but I think it’s a bit too much! Artistic freedom ftw! 8D

I’m not done with Kai yet but I’m almost there.
Hope you like them! :3