tirsdag den 21. juni 2011

Anti-Sora - Proces

So Hi guys.

Desu-con is just around the corner and I'm almost finnished! :3
This cosplay has been one of the most difficult cosplays that I have made…. It’s been really nice to me, so I haven’t been busy with tearing everything up because that either I sew something wrong together or that the sewing mashing has been a pain.. Nothing like that! :3

SO….. I’m happy!! And I’m almost done! Hopefully I can get everything ready TODAY! :3
Anyways, I took some pictures. :3
And Sorry for the bad quality… Most of the pictures is taken at night. >__>

Jup, You've guessed right... I'm making my own mask!! I
To start with, I made the mask with gypsum

And that is the price for doing so.. This is the insite of the mask.... where my eyelases was stuck... PAINFULL!!!

I formed the mask with clay, since I wanted to give him a FACE even though he doesn't have any... And you can see the glasses I used for the eyes. :3

Sorry about the jacket looking a bit slooby. XD; I wanted to show you the inner shirt.. XD;

The shoulderarmour is made with Foam..

Herre you can see what the shoulder looks like. After cutting out the foam, I glued some paper on it and sprayed it black.
I Panitet some more foam blue, for the ends, and glued that togather with the shoulderamour... wow... bad explanation. >__> sorry..

On the pictures above, you can see that I have paintet the symbol on the jacket as well. This is the skabelon I made and used for that. :3

I did the same on the pants. :3

Moving on to the pants... The "innerpants" and the "outerpants" has now been sewn together! :3

In this picture I'm working on the "side-puckets" and the belts..

ATM, I'm almost done.
I need to style the wig, make the gloved and a few details on ONE shoe and then I'm done done done! :3
I'll uploade some more pictures, but I'm not sure weather it'll be before or after Desu-con.
Thanks for stopping by. :3

onsdag den 15. juni 2011

Photoshoot - DN Angel - Dark and Krad

So… last weekend I was very cosplay-active 8D

I’m half-done with anti-sora and ALMOST done with Natsuki… I’ll mate a update about that later. ♥

I went on a photoshoot with my beloved Lea, so then we finally could take some pictures of her Krad cospay.
After meeting up with Samie, Lavi, Killing and Shinji, we went all gangsters with Nadias new lenses for her camera. :3 om nom

Unfortunately my Dark wig looked like… shit. XD;
For the first time, I was told to style the shit myself… and so I did...
The wig was very stiff and full of products, so it was VERY hard to style... >___> so... it didn’t go well… >__>
I have to wash it next time before styling it. Idiot me... >____>;
Anyways, we tried to take some actions pictures, but that is not easy at all, and we could only do it from one angle since Nadias new lenses ONLY can take pictures far away. XD; So.. I’ll throw up some fun pictures in the end XD
-I'll uploade many pictures this time, FYI.. XD

Enjoy ♥



ANNNND now for some goof-pictures. XD

Thanks for watching. XD;

mandag den 6. juni 2011

New Wigs arrivals! :3

Hey, you fantastic fish you (<-- Yes, I've been watching Megamind a lot lately XD)

So, I've been waiting for some wigs to arrive, and both of then have finally arrived! :3
I have been looking for some time after a Shirley wig, since I don't like when people use TOTAL orange wigs for her.. So I was looking for someting more "natural", and I found this wonder. :3

It's unfortuanetly ever thin, but I don't think that it's THAT bad.
But I love the colour! :3

I need my AntiSora wig till end of this month, since we are going to vissit Desu-con (as V.I.P, huh yeah!)
The cheapest black wig I could find was this...

Don't mind "cutie"-face XDD;

But right now it looks like this:
NO!!! I'm not done yet!!!! XD

Right now I'm a bit in a doub what to do about Anti Sora and his face. I wanted to make a mask, and add some lights to the eyes, but it's not as easy as I thought. T__T
If I can find a solutions, I'll proberly do as these awesome guys:

Even though I have to close my eyes all the time  XD// I need to find some Yellow sunglasses then! T___T

That's it for now guys. :3 enjoy the lovely summerweather!