søndag den 1. juli 2012

Desu-con - Pictures and videos

Sooo~ Last weekend me and some awesome friends took at trip to Norway for a convention called Desu-con. I LOOOVE that convention, I don't even!!
The people are nice, the cosplayers are great, the staff is more than awesome (and NEVER far away from a smile) and my roomies was the best! <3

And ofcause there was Star Wars EVERYWHERE!!!... *w* My kind of convention!!!

I managed to finish my Lebreau in the last second, so I'm not super exited about that cosplay. But it was awesome to try some other kinds of cosplays than what I'm use to. 

Anyways, I wont write to much, but I'll load some pictures up from the con plus a short con-video that I filmed and edited.. (first con-video, so don't expect the wildest con-video en the world! ;D).

Me and my awesome FFXIII-2 group. Hayes, me, Kami and Kiba. Picture by Ali Jehad

I also had my Sophie cosplay and Lea as Howl with me. :D Picture by Ali Jehad



Future husband nr. 2

IKUJAHDFI UAET ALL OF MY FUCKING FEELINGS!!!! - Future husband nr. 1.. Just saying! <3
Picture by Ali Jehad <3<3


4 kommentarer:

  1. So much awesome ; 3; I'm so amazed by the level the Cosplays has reached in Scandinavia!

    Your video turned out really great!! ^__^

  2. You're a beautiful LeBoobs <3 <3
    Darn I miss DesuCon now. I MAD