torsdag den 12. juli 2012

New photoshoot coming up soon and new cosplay plans

Hi guys! :D

Very short, I just wanted to share with you guys what I'm currently up to. :)

This weekend, me and lovely Lavi is planning on a shoot as Cutter and Skywise and OH GOD I'm looking so much forward to it! ;W;b
So keep an eye out for the pictures! :D I'll upload them as soon as they are ready! :D


I've made some new plans for Genki.. I wont change the other plans that I'm having, so I'll change cosplay sometime during Saturday. :)

I'm planning on Souji from Hakuouki Shinsengumi kitan. ;w; I fell so much in love with this serie from the START, and when my lovely Hopy said she was planning on cosplaying as Hesuke, I just HAD to join her! :D
I'll make Soujis "English" outfit because I somehow really like the design! It wount be like 100% true to the original design since I'm kinda poor right now, so I have to find some hobo solutions! 8D BUT I'll do my best to make it look good! :D

That was about it for now.. More WIP will be uploaded soon, and ofcause the ElfQuest photoshoot as well. :D

Stay safe! <3

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