søndag den 22. april 2012

ElfQuest makeup test.

Hi there guys.

I was finally able to do a makeup test, with my lovely Rayek in company.
It was rather hard to do a makeup of a beautiful and manly man at the same time.. Specially when you are a girl. XD
The light in the toilet and my camera weren't best friends ever, so it's kinda hard to see my makeup fully.. But I manged to do a makeup that both made me look manly (or as manly as I can get), but also (kinda) beautiful.. Or whatever.. XD;

I borrowed one of Lea's wigs, since I left mine at home.

And since it's me and Lea, nothing serious is happening until we had our fun.. XD Enjoy!

I also did a makeup test on my stomach... Well.. It didn't go so well, and I first planned on not sharing it with you, but I'll do it anyway.. :) Just so then you guys can see that I actually work on getting better. XD (if that makes sense to you at all!) XD
I think that I did a okay job on the shadowing, I just need to work a bit more on the anatomy.
The side looks HORRIBLE, I know!
The lines are to visible, and I really need to smosh it out a bit more.
AND I forgot to take out my belly ring. XD So gay, I know.. XD

Yeah I did a little sensor for you guys so I then I don't blind you with my bra. XD; I didn't have a top around.. So yeah... Live with it! XD

I've been working most of the day today to finish Cutter, and I'm ALMOST done!
The pants are done, (more or less), the shirt only need some small details, the sword had been repainted and I'm coloring the west.
I have to say, that coloring the west didn't give me the result I was hoping for, so I'll walk around with a brown/Orange west, but dudes...it takes money to find the right fabric.. And I don't have that kind of money, so I'll use the west anyways... AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME! ;D

I promised last entry that I would show you my ears, and I'm keeping that promise! :D
I LOVE these ears! The looks so lovely! They are big, but not too big! They have a great shape and I just... I LOVE THEM SO BAD!!... It's my first elf ears... forgive me! XD

Because of the color difference between my skin and the ears, I had to use some makeup to make it match just a little.
Other than that, I make some shadows just to make them look less flat...

I only painted the upper one. It's more or less for you guys to see the difference. :)

I've also been working on my stage cosplay for svs today, and I'm about 50% done! I'm starting to stress down a bit because I'm almost done with my cosplays.. Is really really nice, since I have SO many things going on in my private life, so I get easily stressed up and have mood swings like hell...
I've decided NOT to wear Isabela for Svs-con...
I'm not satisfied with my body AT ALL, and I know that I'll give people some serious nightmares with my jiggly ass XD
So I'll use her for a photoshoot because photoshop can save my ass.... literately. :D
I've found a really nice location that I hope I'll be able to use, and I'll try to put up some pictures as soon as I'm done with the cosplay. :D

Well that's it for now kids. Remember not to take candy from a stranger..

...I did, and look how I ended up! ;D

Stay positive! <3

torsdag den 12. april 2012

NEW LAYOUT and some cosplay working

Time for a new update. :D

See, I got myself a new header. :D I thought there where to many pictures with my face on on the old one.. XD I kinda couldn't handle it, so I made something a bit more... humbled? XD

But yeah, currently I'm living at my friends place, and since we're going to cosplay together at SVS-con, it would be normal for us to spend a lot of time working on our act and cosplays... well... We're not normal, so of cause we haven't! XD Lazy asses, that's what we are...
But we did manage to do a little. :)
We are just about to finish the sounds for our act, and we're about 35% done with Lea's cosplay... And I'm planning on starting my own today... If my stupid back can handle it! >___>

Lea is working hard on the pants. First time she's making something from a pattern! TwT I'm so proud!
I'll been working on her shirt, and it's almost done. It was my first time making thrills, so they aren't AMAZING.. But they look fine.
I've been working on a tryout for my cosplay, and I'm so happy that I manage to make it work the way I wanted it to work out. I bought the fabric yesterday and I can't wait to get it started.. And NO I'm not going to show you that yet, cause in case you haven't guessed what we are working on, I'm not going to tell just yet! ;D

Oh and kids...

remember to eat while cosplaying! *w* Fruit mix is always good! <3

For the first time, I tried Leas sewing machine and it kinda don't like me. xD  I'm also feeling super nervous because of the view from where I'm sewing. XD I kinda feel the pressure ;D

It really looks like a head sticking up from Leas bed. XD; I'm just waiting for it to turn and look at me. XD
 Anyways, even though that we're suppose to work a lot on our cosplays... we managed to have time to a photoshoot, and I'm not gonna show you guys any of the pictures since I have to use them for something that I'm not sure that I'm allowed to tell, so I'll just give you a teaser

Thanks to wonderfull Hopy for the help <3
Anyways, I think I have to end it now, cause I need to finish our sounds for the act and Lea is in the kitchen (where she belongs! ;D) to make us dinner.. And GOD I hope that she reads this AFTER dinner.. otherwise I'll go to be starving! XD;

stalker picture much! ;D
 Thanks for reading guys.. I know I promised a picture of the ears for cutter, but I want to make a makeup test with Lea (who's cosplaying as Rayek), so I kinda need her! ;A;
See you, my darlings! <3