mandag den 28. maj 2012

SVS-con + Next planned cosplay

Hi guys...

I'm going to keep this journal short because I'm in the middle of a really REALLY good book right now, and just needed a break after reading the whole day (Oh Darren Shan!! what you do to me! <3)

Anyways, Svs-con var AMAZING and I had such a great time!
Most of friday I spend with my Elfquest group. I love you girls! ;W; All of you! They looked so amazing and I can't WAIT for Genki where we will be a even larger group! ;W; All of my love! (Very soon, I'm going on a shoot together with Lavi as Skywise, and GOD I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!... Just saying!)
Picture by amazing Zarsu!
It was a pretty relaxing day, and nothing interesting really happened, other than Live TV was running around between us cosplayers with a big-ass camera, and many of my friends was filmed on the purpose to show "normal" people what we did at this convention. XD

Saturday was a really interesting day... Me and Lea had to prepare for the show as Sophie and Howl from Howls moving castle, and spend most of the day practicing.
I also spend some time walking around the con, but I was dressed up as old Sophie, so I was rather slow.. XD
But GOSH I loved people reaction. Some new about this cosplay, but non saw it coming that I would be the old version. ;D

Taking by Zarsu, one of our biggest fans! ;D <3
 Anyways, me and Lea was the last group of this years Svs-cosplay show, and I swear to you guys, I have never... NEVER made bigger mistakes on a stage as this one.. Holy Moly I fucked up! Luckly, I have an amazing Howl, and we manged to save to skit, so nobody seems to notices it. XD
SO after spending a hour or so apologizing over and over again to Lea (I was about to drive her mad, btw XD) it was time for the prizes.
I couldn't wait to see who would win the qualifications for this years London Expo, and begged all I had for it to be Karina, who was my fav single-performancer. And nothing could be more right when they called out her name as the winner! ;W; <3 Congratulations, sweety!
Some of my friends also manged to win two prizes for their AWESOME "Twisted Disney Princesses"-act <3 Congratulations girls! ;W; I still get the chills every time I think about your act! =w=
Also, me and Lea was lucky to win the prize for "Best Craft". I was SOOO happy, 'cause I didn't see it coming AT ALL.

I didn't upload the act myself yet, since my computer is horrible to use when you want to edit something in HDquality.. But you can see out act here:

Sunday was a really relaxing day. Not much happened other than hanging out with people and me and Lea had a small shoot, just because we had the time. :3

I think I've got one of the most handsome Howl cosplayer ever! ;D

ANYWAYS.... Now for the new subject: Future cosplays!

Desu-con is coming up in about a month, and I've changed my cosplay plans, and I will not be cosplaying as Fang... I've moved the cosplay to later this year.
Reason no. 1: Before a had both a Vanile and a Hope that would join me in the FFXIII group (The others is making cosplays for FFXIII-2) but both had to cancel because of exams... So.. I didn't feel like walking around as the only FFXIII. (I know Fang is showed in the start of the games in a dream, but still)
Reason no. 2: I don't think I would be able to make it in time... I haven't even started it yet, and I would HATE to rush it!
Reasion no. 3: I could join my good friend Hayes, and be his partner. :D

I choose to cosplay as Lebreau. :3 She was the first character I wanted to cosplay before I choose Fang, so it only seem natural for me to pick her again. :3 Her cosplay is not SUPER detailed, but it's not boring either.
Again I will have to show a bit more of my body than what I'm conformable with, but I think I'll be just fine. :D

 I can't wait for this con! ;W; I'm so exited! <3
AND I started this journal up with a "it's going to be short" and GOSH what a lier I am! XD
Have fun kids, and thanks for reading <3

søndag den 6. maj 2012

Photoshoot - Cutter

Character: Cutter (ElfQuest)
Model:  Me
Photographer: Kami
Editing: Me
Location: Frederiksborg forest, Hilleød

So yeah, I'm so exited about this cosplay, I can't wait a week to show it to the world!
It's far from the most awesome cosplay, and it has many flaws, but I must be honest and say that it really doesn't bother me THAT much! I'm just looking forward to walk around among other ElfQuest cosplayers next weekend. ;W;
And oh GOD I've been editing a lot on the pictures.. So people; don't get disappointed when you see me IRL.. My body is not near as slim and trained as it seems on the pictures.. ;D
There will be more pictures uploaded on my DA later. :)