søndag den 22. januar 2012

WIP - Cutter

Hi guys.

I just had a lovely weekend, where I've been both very social (sounds like I'm always forever alone) and productive. :D
A friend of me and Nadia visit us because she wanted some help with some boots (that she've made wonderfully!<3) so we had planned a cosplay/horror-weekend.

Friday, me and my LovemustacheBuddy drove around to buy some fabrics. Traveling is a bitch and it takes such a long time, so we borrowed my parents car. (Otherwise we couldn't make it home before Kiba arrived to visit Kami... we barely did, even though we was driving XD)
I found some fabric for both Cutter and Isabela.
I've been looking everywhere for the fabric that I wanted for Cutters pants and I found the perfect fabric.......... BUT they didn't have the among that I needed so I had to buy two tones lighter since it was the closest color I could find... But now that I've been working with it, I'm really starting to hate the color.. It's WAY to light!!
BUT I can't effort to buy new fabrics, so it just have to work as color is........ Damn!

Fabric for pants, shirt and shoes. 
Note: I see Cutters pants more brown than yellow and that is the base of my choices of my fabrics. FYI

I've been working on Cutters shoes, and I managed to finish them. They didn't turn out as I had hoped for, but it's my very first shoes that I had to make from scratch, and considering how awfully bad I am at making shoes, they look okay. :) 

I know I know.... They don't look like the shoes from the comic, but they are useful!
Other than that, I'm ALMOST done with his pants.
I need to attach the strips of one side of the pants, sew in a zipper and  figure out how to attach his loincloth and the "rope" that holds the loincloth. 
I had to find a pattern that I could change without to much trouble, since I'm a retard when I use pattern. XD
I just wanted to show you how colorful I made the pattern using tape with hearts.<3

Totally useless information, I knowz. 

Since it's more or less a simple cosplay, I took the opportunity make some details on my own, to make it look more handmade, since they obviously don't have sewing machines. :D
And it took a long time. >__>; Long than expected. Thanks to Kiba for helping and Kami for offering help. XD

Anyways; this is how the pants looks like for now:

I need to loose some weight before I use this cosplay in public. >__> My legs are a bit TOO big for wearing pants like that... XD; 

I had a lovely weekend with some good company! <3

 .... yeah..... XD;

Even though I had been able to make so much (I think that we have been sewing for like 12 hours if you put the time together from Saturday and Sunday) I even had time to take some pictures of my hotstuff LoveMustacheBuddy and her beautiful girlfriend. :3
it was VERY cold so they where freezing like hell.. and the weather couldn't decide if it wanted to rain, snow or a sun shining.. Really frustrating, but we manged to get some good photos, and I can't wait till summer where they will wear it again for a new shoot. :D

Name of Image
Click on the picture to go to my DA to see more related pictures. <3

That's it for now! I'm sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes.. I'm very tired! XD;
I hope you all had a super weekend! :D

onsdag den 18. januar 2012

Isabela and Cutter: WIP

Hi guys.

So currently I'm working on two cosplay that I will use for SVS-con this year, and I'm looking super much forward to both of them.

This weekend Line will stop by and visit me and Nadia for a cosplay/horror-weekend, and I'm looking super much forward to that! :3
I have a plan for this weekend and a goal for my cosplays I want to make, and I wanted to share that with you guys. 


Today I spend a lot of time finding the right patterns for her.
I've decided to make her dress.. or tunic... or whatever it is, in two parts; A "dress" and a corset. (Though I'm not making a REAL corset!) and right now the patterns for the "dress" is ready to go.
I'm still thinking a lot about how to do the corset, but I more or less have an idea of how to do it. Just need to test it. :)
Normally I HATE boot-covers, but I'm actually looking super much forward to making hers and I hope that I'll be able to make them stay up, so then they wont fall down all the time.
I got most of the details of how-I-want-to-make-what ready for a testing, but I'm still stuck at her necklace and earrings.. >__>; I hope to find a good solution for it! (I've already thought about clay, but I'd rather not use clay since it breaks easily)
I can't wait to finally wear this cosplay with my lovely Nadia (as Fenris) and Lisa (as Hawk) while party-bantering as much as we can get away with. :3

My plans for her is: 
- Buy fabric for LEAST her "dress" and the corset.
- Make patterns for her armor and perhaps start on it,
- Make her gloves without details.
- Find out what to do with her jewelry 


As you saw in my latest journal, I've been working on the wig, and I still need to do some small detail-cutting here and there.
New Moon is about 85% done. I have now started the painting. WIP pictures will be uploaded.
I've been looking for patterns today for Cutter as well, but have only found patterns for the pants. (And I'm looking SO MUCH forward to start on them!) 
But I'm sure that I can make my own patterns for the shirt, since it's not that much of a complicated shirt.
I've been wondering for a long time, what kind of fabric I would use for the white shirt.
It was a gift from the Sun-village, so sure the fabric is more beautiful than the rest of his clothings, but I find it really hard to mix silk with wolf-pelt and suede. So I have decided to make it out of a rougher kind of fabric, since I doubt that it IS suppose to be silk (in "King of the Broken Wheel" vol 8, Leetha says "Soft as a baby mouse's fur. Humans.. Making such fine things! Wondrous!" to dress a human gives her as a 'thanks' for healing her sick daughter)
I'm still thinking about the pattern on his loincloth. I've been playing with the thought of using the end of a

peacock feather en stat of painting or embroider it. It takes such a long time and I'm too clumsy to make it look super awesome! XD; 
I think that I've found the fabric that I want to use for his  pelt-west. I see the color of his west very dark with shades of a lighter brown, and I have been looking everywhere for it. But my very good friend Sidsel was so kind to link me to a page where they had the exact same fabric as I was thinking about: 
(See fabric here) but it's super expensive so I need to reconsider it. 
 And again, the jewelry is still a mystery to me, but I'm sure I'll find a solution. :D 
Plans for him is: 
- Find fabric for this shirt and pants
- Make the patterns for the shirt
- Make patterns for the shoes
- Start on the pants
It's super hard to find a good picture of this outfit, since he wear is loose for a very short time, by I found this page that shows ham from the side, back and behind.. I'm just making the design where his pants is loose, because I love it so much! ;W; 

Start of next month, me and my ElfQuest-buddies will order the ears. Lavi (Skywise) found the most awesome ears ever that is designed to after ElfQuest elf, and I can't wait to have try them out! :3
Look how awesome they are!
Yeah that's about it. I hope to upload some WIP pictures after this weekend. :D

lørdag den 14. januar 2012

WIP Cutter: Wig and NewMoon

Hey there guys.

I spend most of my day styling Cutter's wig (Yeah he was a bitch!) but I'm almost done. :D
I'll just upload some pictures so then you guys can get an idea of how I made him... ps. never do the same thing with a ponytail as I did... It didn't work out super well and it was so annoying to work with!... :)

Here you can see how long it was before I cut of for the ponytail.
The Ponytail before attaching it, and a close up. I sew the ponytail to the wig.
Before and after covering the elastics.
Ponytail done side and back.
And here I'm wearing it. :D

 And WHY would I make a ponytail in the first place?
Because, I could have pulled the ponytail by using the hair on the top of the wig, but he has very thick hair so it would spoil it a bit by using most of the wig to make a ponytail .. Hope that made sense. 

Other than the wig, I'm currently working on NewMoon, his... sword?.. Dagger?.... Sword.. That makes him feel much better...
I'm such a stupid idiot and broke it while showing off to one of my best friends, but I managed to repair it again, now I just need to find out how to cover where I fixed it..
Anyways, this is the only pictures I've got:

Yeah I made the f*****G key! <3  I'm such a nerd, I know!

mandag den 9. januar 2012

Photoshoot: Mai-Otome

Characters: Natsuki Krüger & Shizuru (Mai-Otome)
Model:  Me and Lea
Photographer: Kami
Editing: Me
Location: Frederiksborgs castle, Hillerød