onsdag den 27. juli 2011

Wanda - Lenses and Makeup

Hi guys.

I desided to show you guys how I wanted to do the makeup, because I'm planing on making a bigger makeup than what I'm use to (With the purpes of getting better with makeup since I allways wear the same and it's kinda boring sometimes.. I just now realize how much makeup does to you. XD Slow?! huh yes I think so!)

Anyways, I'm trying to make a very babypink kind of makeup, with a small hint of green (to mach up with my cosmo-baby)
And I came up with this: (I'm not wearing fake eyelases, because I didn't feel like it when I tryed the makeup.. and if you ask me, I don't really need it... XD)

 I'm sorry about the light.. It was dark outside when I took the pictures, so it was imposible to get a good light. I'm wearing the Pink lenses as well... :3
I know that it's hard to see, but the "inner" eyes has a small hint of green.

I don't have a softpink lipstick or anything like that, so I had to come up with something myself, so I mixed a lot of red and gloshy lip makeup and this is the result. I kinda like it. :3

So yeah that was my first "big makeup"/ Wanda Makeup tryout...
If you have anything that you don't like, or have an other idea of how I could do it better, please let me know. :3 

And now for some camehoring.. ;D

mandag den 25. juli 2011

Recived wigs and cosplay update

Hi there guys.

SO Genki-con is in about 10 days, and I have done absolutley NOTHING on the sewing mashine. xD; I just don't feel like it. XD;

Anyways, most of my cosplays for this con will be closetplay so I'm not stressed at all. XD;

My cosplays for Genki:
Friday: Vocaloid Gakupo (TBH I have NO idea what version it it)
Saturday: Wanda (fairly ood parents)
Sunday: I'm not sure jet, but I think I'll try Natsuki out again. (The skirt was a bit to short for me T__T)

Let's start up with Gakupo... (First of all, I'm NOT a Vocaloid fan.. >__> I'm acually really tired of vocaloid-cosplayers.. I'm doing this cosplay because I'm a part of Genkis parapara-group, and we agreed to cosplay vocaloid a long time ago..)

I found a old west the reminded me a bit of the one he is wearing... Though I have to make some changes on it, since it's a west for ladies. XD

I'm going to use LADIES pants for this cosplay.. yes, it's wrong and sad, but I don't feel like spendning to much time and money on a cosplay that I'll proberly never wear again. XD;
So.. The pants is a bit tight (and perhaps a bit TO tight but that's just what it is) and I'll be wearing heels... (I don't remeber what the shoe is called, but it's like a china-heel XD)
So... I'll proberly end up having ladyes legs. XD;

I haven't found a bely yet, but I'm looking. :3 I'll proberly wear a white belt, cause I don't think it's posible to find a belt in that kind of purple he has...

For the first time EVERH, I made a satinrose... Never thought I would end up making such a thing for a guy-cosplay, but I think it turned out good for a first-try.. :3

I took a chance with this wig that I'be bought... the picture that the seller had taken was really dark, so you couldn't see how the quality was nor the colour.. But it was REALLY cheep, so I did it. If the wig looked like a mess, or just didn't fit in, I had a spare wig, that I think now is a bit too light for him. (And it's a purple wig.. I'm sure no matter what, I would be able to use the wig for something *w*)
But it tuned out to be a ADORABLE wig, and now I can't wait to use it. :3

So here it is: (Sorry about the mirror.. I really need to shine it up again. XD)

I have a tryout picture of the cosplay as it looks like so far. :3
I just need to glue the rose to the west, sew the ends of the west together and then sew a tie, then my sewing job here is DONE! :3

Now to Wanda:

Once again, I'm doing a closetplay. XD;
I'm using the same pants for Wanda as I useing for Gakupo since i acually bought the pants FOR Wanda. XD;

I bought the yellow shirt as well.. It's much cheeper and faster than sewing it myself, an seriously, I don't feel shame just because I didn't sew it myself..
Cosplay is only fun, man... And if you have fun in cosplays that you have bought, then I don't see the problem!

For the crowns and the wands, We'll (Yes I have a Cosmo, and I'll get back to that!) use Foam WITH F*****G GLITTER! ;W; It's so amazing I just found it some month ago, and I can't WAIT to use it! =w=

I'm acually not really sure HOW to do the wings jet... I have a little idea, but I have to talk to be lovely cosplay partner about it. :3

Anyways, I just got the wig.. Same day as I got Gakupo, so I was in heaven. XD;
The colour is not SHINY PINKELY PINK, but I like that. XD; Then I don't HAVE to wear PINK makeup with a PINK lipsick... XD Hopefuly I can use a paler red, since PINK and RED don't look good on me. XD;

I bought some Pink lenses as well.. I don't have a picture though with me wearing them, and I'm currently sick (again) so I don't feel like  taking the picture right now, but I really like 'em! They look a lot better than what I thought they would. :3

My cosplay partner bought the same just in green, and I can't WAIT to see her wearing them! ;w;
SO... about my cosplaypartner..
She is so lovely and I can't wait to cosplay with her. :3
She uploaded this picture some time ago, but I still love it so bad.. Just thought I would share it with you guys :3

She restyled they wig since then, and her eyes is photoshoped.
BTW while looking at her lovely face, you guys should check out her DA.. she's an AMAZING drawer as well!!

Anyways, This is it for now... :3 I'm sorry about my bad eng, but I really don't feel like checking it for mistakes and stuff.... Just wanna sleep and get better. 
I'll leave you with a photo of me and my Cosmo. For fun we was dressed up as Cosmo and Wanda for a party in LeMustacheHouse.... With a fail makeup and wig and we're both really dunk, but I just love the picture anways :3
see ya guys. 

mandag den 11. juli 2011

Photoshoot - Ciel, Sora & AntiSora

So this weekend the whole LoveMustacheHouse went out to take a photoshoot. :3
My LoveMustacheBuddy decided that she wanted to cosplay as Ciel instad of Roxas and so the madness began. :3
MY GOD it was so hard to take a photo without people in the background since there was so many people around the carsel!! But I think I managed it okay. :3

I only have the pictures that Kami edited and picked out herself, but I'm planning on uploading some more later on, while a upload a photoshoot we had not long ago in her Semei (Loveless).

Cosplay: Ciel Phantomhive
Cosplayer:  Kami
Phorographer: Me
Editing: Kami
Location: Frederiksborgs Carsel, Hilleød

Anyways, look at her awesomeness!

Nadia was a bit in a doub weather she wanted to join us or not, but in the end she tagged along in her awesome Sora cosplay, and I just feel like stealing some of the pictures so then you guys can see it :3

Cosplay: Sora
Cosplayer: Nadia Axel
Photogapher: Kami
Editing: Nadia Axel
Location: Frederiksborgs carsel garden

You guys have to wait a bit for the Anti-Sora pictures since Nadia is currently working on the editing.. because I'm so bad at it. T____T I need to get better. buhuu~
But I'm sure that she'll do an awesome job (if she doesn't end up telling me to do it myself. XD;) and I can't wait to see them finish...
Here is a little teaser for you guys. :3

Cosplay: Anti-Sora
Cosplayer: Me
Photogapher: Nadia Axel
Editing: Nadia Axel
Location: Somewhere in Hillerød XD

That's all for now guys :3

fredag den 8. juli 2011

Desu-con and Sommercon cosplays

Hey guys.. Sorry for the late update, but I've been very busy the last two weeks.
I'm not gonna write much, since there isn't much to write about, but I'm gonna show you some pictures of the finnished Anit-Sora and Shirley Fenette. :3
-I haven't been on a real photoshoot yet, so forgive me for uploading con-pictures. XD;

This is the best picture I have from the Desu-con. Together with my LoveMustacheBuddy as Roxas

Desu-con was SO awesome!!!!!! even though it's close to Denmark, it was nothing like the Danish conventions... ;W; Not that Danish conventions is bad, it's just nice to try something ells..

OH and forgive me for uploading a lot of Star Wars, but I'm a HUGE fan!! DARTH VADER HUGGED ME!! ;W; HE WANTED BY BODY, I JUST KNOW IT!!!!!!

And Jango Fett flirted with me. TwT He wanted my body as well!!

wohoo~ and a cenvention picture of my Natsuki Kuga =w=

7th heaven! TwT I'm comming back to Desu-con!!!!!!!


Even though there was absolutley NOTHING to do, it was on of my fav danish convention so far! ;W; It was so nice to just walk around and just talk to people! I even had 4 small photoshoots!
My beloved Hopy was there as well, and OMG I've missed her! ;W;
Friday she cosplayed as Joe (Burst Angel) and nomnomnomnom!! =W=
Saturday she cosplayed as Kallen together with me (as Shirley) and Lea (as C.C.) I love you girls! /;3;/
I'll just uploade a "few" pictures!

I had to sáy byebye to my Cosmo-babeh because she was going to Ilaty for vacation. ;W; Miss you Cosmo

Picture taken by Ali Jehad

Nadia in her formal Link. ;3;
Picture taken by Zarsu

Picture taken by Hopy

Picture taken by Line ;3;

Picture taken by Ali Jehad

Yeah.. No explanation. XD just plain fun!
picture taken by Zarsu

Photoshoot woth both Shirley, Natsuki and Anti-Sora is comming up.
This weekend I'll photograph Nadia and my LoveMustacheBuddy in thier Roxas and Sora cosplay. ;3; Can't wait!

take care and sorry for my bad explanation and bad eng. XD; I'm kinda busy at work XD;