onsdag den 27. juni 2012

HELP ME CHOOSE and some playing with make up

Hi guys...

I'm in a lot of doubt, and I thought that you perhaps could help me out. :D
I'm planning a Paradise Kiss cosplay together with my lovely Hopy as Caroline for Genki in August, but I'm in such a doubt WHO I want to cosplay!

 George VS Isabella

 I really like Isabella! I think she is such a darling!! I'll choose a simple outfit for her. Most properly her white shirt, long black skirt and big hat.. 
My problem with Isabella is, that Isabella is a DRAG QUEEN..... I would really really hate to cosplay as her looking like a girl with too much makeup, and I think that I most likely would look like that. :(
I feel like a girl with too much makeup... :S
But still.. She is so wonderful!!!

It's no secret that George tense to be quite an asshole sometime! But I still like him a lot! :D
George is a bit feminine and that helps me out a great deal. :D I think it's easier for me to look manly than looking like a man with makeup... >__>; 
I've been thinking about my partner as well, and I think that it'll be a lot funnier to be Caroline and George than Caroline and Isabella... But then again.. George is a guy... XD And I'm getting a bit tired of coplaying as manly men.. XD 
GAARHG Can't decide!!!! :( 
What is best? Looking manly or looking drag? :D
George make up: fast by me
Isabella make up: by Kami
(Just saying.. I had more "manly" George pictures than Drag-look-alike-pictures...)

Speaking of manly men....
For some time now, I've been thinking about some pictures I wanted to take..
I'm a HUGE Darren Shan fan, and I sometimes wish a had a skinnier face, so then I could cosplay as my beloved Mr. Crepsley.. But I don't think I have the face for that..
So I wanted to try something where my face wasn't so much in focus like what I did tonight. :D

Charming, I know. :D
I hope you liked it. :) It was a VERY fast shoot with almost no light and a super fast makeup... I tense to do this kinda stuff AFTER the sun goes down.... I never learn! XD
(BTW.. The things on my fingers is suppose to be scares. :) In "The legend of Darren Shan" you get blooded by mixing blood from a vampire through your fingertips. That leaves scares and it's something every vampires has.)

Well that's it for now guys. :D
I'll upload some pictures about Desu-con as soon as I'm done editing all of them. :D <3
Don't forget to write weather you like me as George or as Isabella. :D //Don't let Crepsley distract you!

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  1. Bine, jeg sværger. Gift dig med mig. Du er like, BEST fandom buddy ever! ;_;
    - Jeg synes du skal lave George! Især fordi du så kan komme og charme mig ;D men åh gud jeg glæder mig til at se det og dig <3

  2. Jeg er enig med de andre! Vær George!