fredag den 8. juli 2011

Desu-con and Sommercon cosplays

Hey guys.. Sorry for the late update, but I've been very busy the last two weeks.
I'm not gonna write much, since there isn't much to write about, but I'm gonna show you some pictures of the finnished Anit-Sora and Shirley Fenette. :3
-I haven't been on a real photoshoot yet, so forgive me for uploading con-pictures. XD;

This is the best picture I have from the Desu-con. Together with my LoveMustacheBuddy as Roxas

Desu-con was SO awesome!!!!!! even though it's close to Denmark, it was nothing like the Danish conventions... ;W; Not that Danish conventions is bad, it's just nice to try something ells..

OH and forgive me for uploading a lot of Star Wars, but I'm a HUGE fan!! DARTH VADER HUGGED ME!! ;W; HE WANTED BY BODY, I JUST KNOW IT!!!!!!

And Jango Fett flirted with me. TwT He wanted my body as well!!

wohoo~ and a cenvention picture of my Natsuki Kuga =w=

7th heaven! TwT I'm comming back to Desu-con!!!!!!!


Even though there was absolutley NOTHING to do, it was on of my fav danish convention so far! ;W; It was so nice to just walk around and just talk to people! I even had 4 small photoshoots!
My beloved Hopy was there as well, and OMG I've missed her! ;W;
Friday she cosplayed as Joe (Burst Angel) and nomnomnomnom!! =W=
Saturday she cosplayed as Kallen together with me (as Shirley) and Lea (as C.C.) I love you girls! /;3;/
I'll just uploade a "few" pictures!

I had to sáy byebye to my Cosmo-babeh because she was going to Ilaty for vacation. ;W; Miss you Cosmo

Picture taken by Ali Jehad

Nadia in her formal Link. ;3;
Picture taken by Zarsu

Picture taken by Hopy

Picture taken by Line ;3;

Picture taken by Ali Jehad

Yeah.. No explanation. XD just plain fun!
picture taken by Zarsu

Photoshoot woth both Shirley, Natsuki and Anti-Sora is comming up.
This weekend I'll photograph Nadia and my LoveMustacheBuddy in thier Roxas and Sora cosplay. ;3; Can't wait!

take care and sorry for my bad explanation and bad eng. XD; I'm kinda busy at work XD;

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  1. It was so nice to see you again and you are such a cute Shirley <3 >U<