tirsdag den 21. juni 2011

Anti-Sora - Proces

So Hi guys.

Desu-con is just around the corner and I'm almost finnished! :3
This cosplay has been one of the most difficult cosplays that I have made…. It’s been really nice to me, so I haven’t been busy with tearing everything up because that either I sew something wrong together or that the sewing mashing has been a pain.. Nothing like that! :3

SO….. I’m happy!! And I’m almost done! Hopefully I can get everything ready TODAY! :3
Anyways, I took some pictures. :3
And Sorry for the bad quality… Most of the pictures is taken at night. >__>

Jup, You've guessed right... I'm making my own mask!! I
To start with, I made the mask with gypsum

And that is the price for doing so.. This is the insite of the mask.... where my eyelases was stuck... PAINFULL!!!

I formed the mask with clay, since I wanted to give him a FACE even though he doesn't have any... And you can see the glasses I used for the eyes. :3

Sorry about the jacket looking a bit slooby. XD; I wanted to show you the inner shirt.. XD;

The shoulderarmour is made with Foam..

Herre you can see what the shoulder looks like. After cutting out the foam, I glued some paper on it and sprayed it black.
I Panitet some more foam blue, for the ends, and glued that togather with the shoulderamour... wow... bad explanation. >__> sorry..

On the pictures above, you can see that I have paintet the symbol on the jacket as well. This is the skabelon I made and used for that. :3

I did the same on the pants. :3

Moving on to the pants... The "innerpants" and the "outerpants" has now been sewn together! :3

In this picture I'm working on the "side-puckets" and the belts..

ATM, I'm almost done.
I need to style the wig, make the gloved and a few details on ONE shoe and then I'm done done done! :3
I'll uploade some more pictures, but I'm not sure weather it'll be before or after Desu-con.
Thanks for stopping by. :3

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