mandag den 11. juli 2011

Photoshoot - Ciel, Sora & AntiSora

So this weekend the whole LoveMustacheHouse went out to take a photoshoot. :3
My LoveMustacheBuddy decided that she wanted to cosplay as Ciel instad of Roxas and so the madness began. :3
MY GOD it was so hard to take a photo without people in the background since there was so many people around the carsel!! But I think I managed it okay. :3

I only have the pictures that Kami edited and picked out herself, but I'm planning on uploading some more later on, while a upload a photoshoot we had not long ago in her Semei (Loveless).

Cosplay: Ciel Phantomhive
Cosplayer:  Kami
Phorographer: Me
Editing: Kami
Location: Frederiksborgs Carsel, Hilleød

Anyways, look at her awesomeness!

Nadia was a bit in a doub weather she wanted to join us or not, but in the end she tagged along in her awesome Sora cosplay, and I just feel like stealing some of the pictures so then you guys can see it :3

Cosplay: Sora
Cosplayer: Nadia Axel
Photogapher: Kami
Editing: Nadia Axel
Location: Frederiksborgs carsel garden

You guys have to wait a bit for the Anti-Sora pictures since Nadia is currently working on the editing.. because I'm so bad at it. T____T I need to get better. buhuu~
But I'm sure that she'll do an awesome job (if she doesn't end up telling me to do it myself. XD;) and I can't wait to see them finish...
Here is a little teaser for you guys. :3

Cosplay: Anti-Sora
Cosplayer: Me
Photogapher: Nadia Axel
Editing: Nadia Axel
Location: Somewhere in Hillerød XD

That's all for now guys :3

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  1. Hamanahamanahamanahamanaha <3

    Come home so that we can get some milkshake! xD

  2. Oooh! Ser frem til at se billeder!! :D Og hvis Nadia ik vil redigere dem vil jeg da gerne prøve hvis jeg må hehe XDD

  3. WHY U BE SO AWESOME *O* det er nogle virkelig nice billeder~