mandag den 6. juni 2011

New Wigs arrivals! :3

Hey, you fantastic fish you (<-- Yes, I've been watching Megamind a lot lately XD)

So, I've been waiting for some wigs to arrive, and both of then have finally arrived! :3
I have been looking for some time after a Shirley wig, since I don't like when people use TOTAL orange wigs for her.. So I was looking for someting more "natural", and I found this wonder. :3

It's unfortuanetly ever thin, but I don't think that it's THAT bad.
But I love the colour! :3

I need my AntiSora wig till end of this month, since we are going to vissit Desu-con (as V.I.P, huh yeah!)
The cheapest black wig I could find was this...

Don't mind "cutie"-face XDD;

But right now it looks like this:
NO!!! I'm not done yet!!!! XD

Right now I'm a bit in a doub what to do about Anti Sora and his face. I wanted to make a mask, and add some lights to the eyes, but it's not as easy as I thought. T__T
If I can find a solutions, I'll proberly do as these awesome guys:

Even though I have to close my eyes all the time  XD// I need to find some Yellow sunglasses then! T___T

That's it for now guys. :3 enjoy the lovely summerweather!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I LOVE the sunglass-idea @w@

  2. I know I just said red hair! but the orange is really pretty too omg omg! you would shine so much just like the beauty you are! L O V E the wig~~

    Good idea with the sun glasses~~ 8D

  3. Ooh, love the Shirley wig colour:3