onsdag den 15. juni 2011

Photoshoot - DN Angel - Dark and Krad

So… last weekend I was very cosplay-active 8D

I’m half-done with anti-sora and ALMOST done with Natsuki… I’ll mate a update about that later. ♥

I went on a photoshoot with my beloved Lea, so then we finally could take some pictures of her Krad cospay.
After meeting up with Samie, Lavi, Killing and Shinji, we went all gangsters with Nadias new lenses for her camera. :3 om nom

Unfortunately my Dark wig looked like… shit. XD;
For the first time, I was told to style the shit myself… and so I did...
The wig was very stiff and full of products, so it was VERY hard to style... >___> so... it didn’t go well… >__>
I have to wash it next time before styling it. Idiot me... >____>;
Anyways, we tried to take some actions pictures, but that is not easy at all, and we could only do it from one angle since Nadias new lenses ONLY can take pictures far away. XD; So.. I’ll throw up some fun pictures in the end XD
-I'll uploade many pictures this time, FYI.. XD

Enjoy ♥



ANNNND now for some goof-pictures. XD

Thanks for watching. XD;

4 kommentarer:

  1. i love the dude/fat lady (cannot tell) in the background in one of the pictures <3
    And WHY SO HOT BINE AND LEA? Fuu seriously you guys

  2. ^ was thinking the same. XD
    all the pictures are SO AMAZING!

  3. OMG!!! Ser feeeedt uuuuuud!! BAHAHAHA døde af grin med det billede hvor der er ham den fede gamle mand i blåt i baggrunden X'DDDD

    ZUUUUM!! Hvornår skal vi lave vores Burst Angel photoshoot!?!?! TToTT (need to get tanned though)