fredag den 1. april 2011

Natsuki and Ryoga process.

Okay a quick uploade with pictures of my projects.
Sorry about the baaad quality, but my photoshop tryout-version just passed its date. damn!

Anyways, as I wrote yesterday, I just finnished Natsuki's hoodie, and this is how it looks.

Again, sorry about the quality. Hoodie is done. West about 50% and the skirt is not even started yet.

I even managed to make a nice hood... XD I have NEVER sew a hood in anything before this.

Ryoga is not SUPER awesome... yet. XD
I really really REALLY hate the colour combination! It's so freaky ugly and the fabric I use is even more ugly than I've expected.. But I refused to use a YELLEW colour since it's more yellowgreen than just YELLOW.. And I hate yellow..... Not as much as this yellowgreen... XD;

I only took picture of his tunic, since my camera is so bad. XD; 

I choose to sew a extra edge on the bottom since this fabric strands a lot

That's it for now, guys... have a nice weekend. ;W;/

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