onsdag den 27. april 2011

Photoshoot: DN angel and The legend of Zelda

Last week, Nadia had Zarsu over for vissiting and to take some pictures of Nadias AWESOME Link and my Ilia cosplay. :3
Well.. I haven't been working much on Ilia for a long time, so I'm still not done with the patteren on her dress... I managed almost to finish it, though, before we went out to the photoshoot. XD

The location was "Frederiksborgs caselgarden/forrest" and it was SO~ beautifull in the summerweather. :3

Next day Lea stopped by as well. We've been planning on taking a photoshoot with our Dn angel cosplays and I'm SOOO~ glad Zarsu wanted to do it. ;W; We have been talking about her taking pictures of us allreay before we even had started on the cosplays, since she is so amazing with a camera. Hope you like it. :3

3 kommentarer:

  1. Amaaaazing pictures!!! =D It looks so great!
    And woooah, you look amazing in those cosplays! ^.^ Your wig styling is gorgeous! :3