torsdag den 31. marts 2011

Update and girly cosplays

Just a quick update about what I'm currently working on.
Since Nadia helped me with the design I need some help when I want to change things, like what cosplays I'm wokring on, planning ect.

SVScon is up, and as it looks atm, I just need to sew one new cosplay. Lucky me. ;W;
Anyways, I'm planing on going to the stage Friday with a friend of mine and I seriously can't wait! ;W; (We've just planned it about a month ago and until then, I thought I was going to watch the Freestyle show this year..)

anyways, my cosplay project here is:


I'm about 70% done with him and I might update with pictures tomorrow.

Other than that, I'm wokring on a cosplay I might not even use for a comvention but basicly just start sewing for fun. XD;


I just finnished up the white shirt yesterday.
It's ended up better than I've expected, but the sleeves is a biiiit tight. Unfortunetly I chose a fabric that breaks when you tear the thread up. -___-; So I can't change anything about it...
I'm around 50% done with the west and haven't started on the skirt yet.
IF I deside to wear this at a convention, it might be at Desu-con in Norway this year.. if me and my LoveMustacheBuddy desides to go.

Other than that, I'm starting to plan a lot more girly cosplays, since I'm a bit annoyed about cosplaying guys all the time.
So I've been thinking a lot about some girls I would like to cosplay. :3

TAKI (Soul Calibur)
BUT ONLY if I can plan this with my Hopy-honey =W=

MEGARA (Hercules)
I have more or less allready planed this with Lea. XD;

BLINDED (Fatal Frame)
Because she is so EFF'ing scary that I HAVE to do it. XD

NAMI (One piece)
I've been asked to cosplay her many times.. And I like her a lot.. so. :3

MISTY (Pokémon)
Right now I can not quite figure out if I want to cosplay her or Gary for a project I have with the rest of the Mustache-house
Simpel.. Because I love her! :3

But I have some girl-cosplay-plans for this year that I WILL cosplay and therefore did not mention them. XD
But yeah, that's about it for now guys. :3 

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  1. COOOL! Ranma ½! xDD

    og Girly cosplays FTW~ I think you would look cute as Nami! One piece cosplayers FTW~ <3