mandag den 18. april 2011

Photoshoots: DN angel and Vocaloid

Denmark is warming up for summer and yesterdays weather was sooo lovely.
Nadia's littlesister Lisa is vissiting atm and they've asked me to take a photoshoot of them in their lovely Harada-sisters cosplay.

The location was as usual in the Frederiksborggarden near the casle, but the plase is SOOOO beautifull when the garden is about to bloom.


After this shoot my LoveMustacheBuddy asked me to take a shoot of her in her Casual Len cosplay.
Sure, and off we go. 
I've never seen this place before where we took the pictures. But it was pretty awesome and I thought that we got some lovely pictures out of it!


So that was mine lovely summer sunday. :3 Hope you enjoyed yours ♥

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  1. I love the picture of Naida and her sister with the bike... Nadia just looks so happy XD

    Nice shots, you are getting better and better very fast 8D <3