søndag den 23. september 2012

Genki-con and Facebook-page

Hi guys...

Just to let you know what it going on right now. :)

Genki-con is over, and I had such an awesome time with a lot of amazing people!
But as every other con, the time fly and it felt like the con only had started when I was on my way home. D:
My cosplays for the con.

Friday. I used Cutter (again) together with a bigger group of other ElfQuest cosplayers. But we didn't get to take a big group pictures because when the last people from the group arrived, some was on there way home and stuff like that. D: A real shame!

Moonshade: Yoshu, Cutter: me, Skywise: Lupin, Willowind: Samie Picture by: Miyuki Ishizaki
Mah girl ! Cutter: Me, Leetha: Liv - Photo by Hopy
Saturday I was wearing two cosplays... because one is just not good enough! ;D
I was cosplay Marina from "Sinbad - Legend of the seven seas" together with my lovely Lea as Sinbad <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">We was on stage, and GOD I had so much fun! :D
I've linked the act in the bottom, but it's in Danish, so I donno how many of you guys would understand it. :D

Marina: me, Sinbad: Lea - Picture by: Silas Staal
Other than that, I cosplayed Souji from Hakuoki together with my lovely Hopy as Hesouke. :3
we choose only to wear the Oni-wigs and cover our faces in "blood"... It was really funny, and I had a super great time, even though the con was SUPER hot!

Hesouke: Hopy, Souji: me - photo by Silas Staal

Sunday was a bit more relaxing for me. I was George from Paradise Kiss together with Hopy as my Caroline! She is so fine, I don't even know what to do about her <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
George: me Caroline: Hopy - Photografer: Silas Staal

So yeah, that's my cosplays for this con. :)

- Other than that, I just thought I would let you guys know, that I'll properly use this blogs for photoshoot from now on, since I got myself a facebook now. :3 Everything is a lot more easy now that I can upload as I please without thinking too much about the quality... ;D
If you would like to follow my work, click this link to my facebook!

-I'm currently working on Ember from ElfQuest! Go check it out on my facebook! :D
My first plan was to work on Strongbow, but my binder is packed away after I moved from LoveMustacheCript, so I can't get to it. D:

But yeah: That's it for now guys <3 br="br">

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  1. Aww, jeres sketch var rigtig godt <3<3

  2. It really was a shame with the group photos :( but we'll probably continue our streak of EQ and get another chance.

    I laughed throughout your entire act. It was just perfect.