fredag den 12. oktober 2012

Photoshoot - Oddbit

Hi guys. 

Time for another shoot upload.
This time I took some picture of pretty Mette as Oddbit friday at Genki-con. 

She couldn't make it for the big ElfQuest shoot that we had the day before, so I promised that would take some pictures of her. :3 

While editing the pictures the way I use to I found it kinda boring to look at.. So I started to experiment a bit.. So that is why the style changes. ;D  But I think it looks much more exciting now than how I edit them before... 

Enjoy :D


Characters: OddBit (ElfQuest)
Model:  Mette
Photographer: Me
Editing: Me
Location: Roskilde, Denmark


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  1. Love what you did with the pictures.... ^w^ I almost can't see that it's me... XD