mandag den 27. august 2012

Photoshoot: Mai Otome

Hi guys. :D

Soo~ last week, me, Lea and Hopy was on a shoot.
Lea and Hopy was suppose to go on a shoot only them, but they stopped by to say hi, and to get ready (the shoot was in the city I lived in) and they convinced me to join them...... Convincing is a very strong word btw... They ask, and I didn't think twice before saying yes. XD

The wind was really strong so our wigs, amour and... yeah... us.... was almost blown away XD
But I'm amazed how many awesome pictures Hopy got of us, despise the wind, the sun was annoying and the fact that her camera lens was broken so she had to use a standard lens... And she is not a big fan of that lens.. But then it's good that she is such an amazing photographer! :D
A good proof that it takes more than just a good camera to take good pictures! ;D

I'm still waiting for the Hakuouki and ElfQuest photoshoot to be edited, but poor Silas has been very VERY busy with shoots this vacation, so I'm not planing on asking for the pictures before he has the time. <3 p="p">So you guys just have to be patience! ;D

We had about 52 usable pictures from this shoot, so I wont upload all of them here. XD
Go to my DA to see more pictures. :D


Character: Natsuki Kruger and Shizuru Viola
Model:  Me and Lea
Photographer: Hopy
Editing: Hopy
Location: Frederiksborg castle 


3 kommentarer:

  1. It's SO wrong that I kinda ship you and Lea now <3

  2. you guys are just so beautiful(read:hot), and it's such an amazing photoshoot! <3

  3. You both look so stunning, I can't!! *w*