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SVS-con + Next planned cosplay

Hi guys...

I'm going to keep this journal short because I'm in the middle of a really REALLY good book right now, and just needed a break after reading the whole day (Oh Darren Shan!! what you do to me! <3)

Anyways, Svs-con var AMAZING and I had such a great time!
Most of friday I spend with my Elfquest group. I love you girls! ;W; All of you! They looked so amazing and I can't WAIT for Genki where we will be a even larger group! ;W; All of my love! (Very soon, I'm going on a shoot together with Lavi as Skywise, and GOD I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!... Just saying!)
Picture by amazing Zarsu!
It was a pretty relaxing day, and nothing interesting really happened, other than Live TV was running around between us cosplayers with a big-ass camera, and many of my friends was filmed on the purpose to show "normal" people what we did at this convention. XD

Saturday was a really interesting day... Me and Lea had to prepare for the show as Sophie and Howl from Howls moving castle, and spend most of the day practicing.
I also spend some time walking around the con, but I was dressed up as old Sophie, so I was rather slow.. XD
But GOSH I loved people reaction. Some new about this cosplay, but non saw it coming that I would be the old version. ;D

Taking by Zarsu, one of our biggest fans! ;D <3
 Anyways, me and Lea was the last group of this years Svs-cosplay show, and I swear to you guys, I have never... NEVER made bigger mistakes on a stage as this one.. Holy Moly I fucked up! Luckly, I have an amazing Howl, and we manged to save to skit, so nobody seems to notices it. XD
SO after spending a hour or so apologizing over and over again to Lea (I was about to drive her mad, btw XD) it was time for the prizes.
I couldn't wait to see who would win the qualifications for this years London Expo, and begged all I had for it to be Karina, who was my fav single-performancer. And nothing could be more right when they called out her name as the winner! ;W; <3 Congratulations, sweety!
Some of my friends also manged to win two prizes for their AWESOME "Twisted Disney Princesses"-act <3 Congratulations girls! ;W; I still get the chills every time I think about your act! =w=
Also, me and Lea was lucky to win the prize for "Best Craft". I was SOOO happy, 'cause I didn't see it coming AT ALL.

I didn't upload the act myself yet, since my computer is horrible to use when you want to edit something in HDquality.. But you can see out act here:

Sunday was a really relaxing day. Not much happened other than hanging out with people and me and Lea had a small shoot, just because we had the time. :3

I think I've got one of the most handsome Howl cosplayer ever! ;D

ANYWAYS.... Now for the new subject: Future cosplays!

Desu-con is coming up in about a month, and I've changed my cosplay plans, and I will not be cosplaying as Fang... I've moved the cosplay to later this year.
Reason no. 1: Before a had both a Vanile and a Hope that would join me in the FFXIII group (The others is making cosplays for FFXIII-2) but both had to cancel because of exams... So.. I didn't feel like walking around as the only FFXIII. (I know Fang is showed in the start of the games in a dream, but still)
Reason no. 2: I don't think I would be able to make it in time... I haven't even started it yet, and I would HATE to rush it!
Reasion no. 3: I could join my good friend Hayes, and be his partner. :D

I choose to cosplay as Lebreau. :3 She was the first character I wanted to cosplay before I choose Fang, so it only seem natural for me to pick her again. :3 Her cosplay is not SUPER detailed, but it's not boring either.
Again I will have to show a bit more of my body than what I'm conformable with, but I think I'll be just fine. :D

 I can't wait for this con! ;W; I'm so exited! <3
AND I started this journal up with a "it's going to be short" and GOSH what a lier I am! XD
Have fun kids, and thanks for reading <3

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  1. Aaaah, jeg glæder mig til at se jeres kostumer fra Desu-con.
    Ps, du bliver nød til at fortælle mig hvad din fejl var, for jeg kan simpelthen ikke finde den!

  2. You're gonna be lehotstuff as her! No, no stop that! I can hear you saying "no I won't desu" but the truth is you will, deal with it >DD I cannot wait to see you in this costume bby ;w; <3 <3

  3. You will be the most gorgeous of everyone who's ever been gorgeous as Lebreau <3

  4. I am HIGHLY Disappointed in myself, I would've crossed that path outside the cosplayshow just to have watched your guys act, It's so amazing, and I've not yet to see the Movie! So touching! ; 3;

    I'm really looking forward to see pictures from Desu-con even though I honestly don't have the slightest Idea who she is 8D But she's rather hot and I'm sure you could pull that off nicely!!

    And of cause looking freaking much forward to August in the cript (hopefully) and then GENKI! WOOOO 8O

  5. Nu vil jeg til Desu-con bare for at kunne se det der hotte outfit i real life!! Bine it's not fair!! D: <3

  6. Emperors crimson seat cushion! =D awesome act, you two did amazingly well o_0 seriously, just the dance rutine. Jaw droppingly well corographed and the pacing was excellent ^^d
    and for serious, if you hadn't told me that you made a mistake I wouldn't have noticed... still not sure where exsactly in the act the mishap is XD