søndag den 22. januar 2012

WIP - Cutter

Hi guys.

I just had a lovely weekend, where I've been both very social (sounds like I'm always forever alone) and productive. :D
A friend of me and Nadia visit us because she wanted some help with some boots (that she've made wonderfully!<3) so we had planned a cosplay/horror-weekend.

Friday, me and my LovemustacheBuddy drove around to buy some fabrics. Traveling is a bitch and it takes such a long time, so we borrowed my parents car. (Otherwise we couldn't make it home before Kiba arrived to visit Kami... we barely did, even though we was driving XD)
I found some fabric for both Cutter and Isabela.
I've been looking everywhere for the fabric that I wanted for Cutters pants and I found the perfect fabric.......... BUT they didn't have the among that I needed so I had to buy two tones lighter since it was the closest color I could find... But now that I've been working with it, I'm really starting to hate the color.. It's WAY to light!!
BUT I can't effort to buy new fabrics, so it just have to work as color is........ Damn!

Fabric for pants, shirt and shoes. 
Note: I see Cutters pants more brown than yellow and that is the base of my choices of my fabrics. FYI

I've been working on Cutters shoes, and I managed to finish them. They didn't turn out as I had hoped for, but it's my very first shoes that I had to make from scratch, and considering how awfully bad I am at making shoes, they look okay. :) 

I know I know.... They don't look like the shoes from the comic, but they are useful!
Other than that, I'm ALMOST done with his pants.
I need to attach the strips of one side of the pants, sew in a zipper and  figure out how to attach his loincloth and the "rope" that holds the loincloth. 
I had to find a pattern that I could change without to much trouble, since I'm a retard when I use pattern. XD
I just wanted to show you how colorful I made the pattern using tape with hearts.<3

Totally useless information, I knowz. 

Since it's more or less a simple cosplay, I took the opportunity make some details on my own, to make it look more handmade, since they obviously don't have sewing machines. :D
And it took a long time. >__>; Long than expected. Thanks to Kiba for helping and Kami for offering help. XD

Anyways; this is how the pants looks like for now:

I need to loose some weight before I use this cosplay in public. >__> My legs are a bit TOO big for wearing pants like that... XD; 

I had a lovely weekend with some good company! <3

 .... yeah..... XD;

Even though I had been able to make so much (I think that we have been sewing for like 12 hours if you put the time together from Saturday and Sunday) I even had time to take some pictures of my hotstuff LoveMustacheBuddy and her beautiful girlfriend. :3
it was VERY cold so they where freezing like hell.. and the weather couldn't decide if it wanted to rain, snow or a sun shining.. Really frustrating, but we manged to get some good photos, and I can't wait till summer where they will wear it again for a new shoot. :D

Name of Image
Click on the picture to go to my DA to see more related pictures. <3

That's it for now! I'm sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes.. I'm very tired! XD;
I hope you all had a super weekend! :D

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  1. What on earth do you mean with "My legs are a bit TOO big for wearing pants like that" - Rarely do I see upon my own sex and think "I'd tap that" RARW! XD

    sounds like loads of fun and I keep regretting not spending more time in le mustache cript ;w;

    Stay Awesome main!

    1. I think should have said it differently. XD;
      I don't feel comfortable in tight pants without something covering my butt and thies. :D
      Daaw <3

      Daaw sweety! ;W; you're always welcome in Le Mustache House!! If you ever feel like stopping by, just send me or Kami a massage and we'll figure something out <3<3

      Right back at ya <3

  2. ............ Jeg bliver muligvis nød til at bortføre dig og elske dig (med) og uden cosplay på.
    BINE ALTSÅ <3! I DONT EVEN!! (og jeg skal også lave sko fra bunden, lolfuckinghey)

    1. ;D Jeg venter stadigvæk på den bortførelse <3
      (Du siger bare til hvis jeg skal hjælpe :D ved godt mine ikke blev fantastiske, men det fungere hvis alt andet går galt) <3<3

  3. Oh gosh, I love how you've made the pants!
    I think they look wonderful <3
    This cosplay is gonna look so epic on ya ;)