lørdag den 14. januar 2012

WIP Cutter: Wig and NewMoon

Hey there guys.

I spend most of my day styling Cutter's wig (Yeah he was a bitch!) but I'm almost done. :D
I'll just upload some pictures so then you guys can get an idea of how I made him... ps. never do the same thing with a ponytail as I did... It didn't work out super well and it was so annoying to work with!... :)

Here you can see how long it was before I cut of for the ponytail.
The Ponytail before attaching it, and a close up. I sew the ponytail to the wig.
Before and after covering the elastics.
Ponytail done side and back.
And here I'm wearing it. :D

 And WHY would I make a ponytail in the first place?
Because, I could have pulled the ponytail by using the hair on the top of the wig, but he has very thick hair so it would spoil it a bit by using most of the wig to make a ponytail .. Hope that made sense. 

Other than the wig, I'm currently working on NewMoon, his... sword?.. Dagger?.... Sword.. That makes him feel much better...
I'm such a stupid idiot and broke it while showing off to one of my best friends, but I managed to repair it again, now I just need to find out how to cover where I fixed it..
Anyways, this is the only pictures I've got:

Yeah I made the f*****G key! <3  I'm such a nerd, I know!

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