tirsdag den 13. marts 2012

More WIP - Cutter and Isabela

Hi guys...

Wow it's been a while since I updated the last time, and I haven't made that much process... Been busy with life! :D

I'm ALMOST done with Cutters shirt.. I need to sew it in a little, since I look super fat as it is now. XD;
I even manged to make it look pretty on the inside, but I don't have a proof of that yet. xD

I've started on the sheath and I'm half done so far..
I did a tryout last year, but the sword get stock so I had to rip it apart. That is why I covered this inside of the
sheath with smooth fabric. It helps the sword slide.

Just a little: this is how I did it... Nothing special :D

This is how it looked like a week ago.. I need to cover the other side with clay and then I'll upload some more pictures. :D
I managed to fuck up my pants pretty bad, so I'm not really sure what to do.. I think I'll just leave it as it is, since it's not possible to get the same fabric anymore, and I'm super busy with so many other projects, I just don't have the time.... (I ripped to many holes on the other side of the pants.. Stupid me!)
I'm looking more and more forward to this cosplay, even though I more or less keep messing things up (my sword is broken again, so I need to fix that as well) but I can't wait to stand with my cosplay group and just look awesome!!!
We just got our ears as well. :D I'll show them at my next update.. They are SUPER awesome! ;W; My very first pair of elf-ears <3

OH WELL.. Isabela needs some attention as well..

I managed to find a "Wash-off" self-tan creme, since I don't want to stay tan after cosplayng her, and it works pretty nice...
It stays on, hardly spill and it's possible to get of by only using hot water and some soap.
Different? I think so! :D
Since I finally got a solution for the tan, I wanted to try on some makeup. It's a lot harder that what I first expected, since all my brown eyeliners and eye shadow was to light for the skin, but I'm glad I tried it out, and now I know how to put it on at the convention. :D

Note: I don't have the wig yet, so I used my own hair and a wig.. AND obvious it's not the scarf that I'm going to use for her.  
I also got myself A REAL PIECING JUST FOR THIS COSPLAY.. okay I'm kidding..
I got a fake magnet piecing that I will use for her.. I really need to practice with it.. It's so hard to keep in place!!

Full face with the piercing.
 Yeah so, that's it for now guys. :D Thanks for reading! <3

3 kommentarer:

  1. It all looks so good, and you look super smexy >D <3

  2. You and your tan cosplays <3
    But it looks really good! I cannot wait to see it all in action!

  3. Just lllooovveee....
    Gosh even though you say you keep messing up, I'm still so very sure you are gonna look epic! <3