onsdag den 17. august 2011

Genki 11

So Genki is now over (and I'm finaly home from vacation) so I'll just make a very quick update about Genki.

I was there for about a hour or so... long story short: they moved the opening show (where me and the ParaPara team was asked to dance) from 16:00 to 20:00 and I HAD to attemt to my littlebrothers birthday party, so I couldn't be there.. T__T So... no Full picture of my Gakupo, but I will take a photoshoot just because I spend time and money on the costume and only used it for about a hour or so.. >__> Waste of time and money..

Uuuh that was so much fun. :3
I spend a lot of time with Nadias sister, Lisa.
I was cosplaying with my lovely Emi as Cosmo and Wanda, and god it was so fun. ;W; Even thought we where only hanging out for a short among of time.. XD But I had fun...

Me and my Cosmo ;3;

The show as awesome and I was so looking forward to see all of my friends on the stage. ;W;  hurhur

It was nice and relaxing. I was able to use Ilia again. I'm ALMOST done with the patterens. ;W; (About time.. >__> Been working on it for about 1½ year now.. >__> And it's not half as nice as I want it to be) but it was lovely to wear her (sounds wrong, no?) again. :3
Me, Nadia and Zarsu was asked for two pictures of Ilia and Link, so we got the oppertunity (spelled?) to take the pictures... Omg... It was.. challenging. XD I'm a biiit to heavy (hah, fat ass XD) for Nadia to lift me, so we had to come up with another solution... XD Like it, no?

Taken by Zarsu!! BTW, Lisa is lying there to hold the chair that I'm sitting on. XD Just in case you where wondering. XD

Anyways we got two pictures to uploade. :3 Nadia already uploaded one picture, so I just need to uploade the other picture..... Nadia has it, that is why I haven't done it yet. XD;

Anyways, I had fun and I'm looking forward to J-popcon... the current cosplay plan is WORK WORK WORK!!!! HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER!! .... We are very busy . XD

See ya :3

Taken by Ali Jehad
♥ 3 years ♥

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  1. Ffff- you so cute, Jesus girl.

  2. Glædelig 3-årsdag!!! <3 Min love-muffin!!
    Sender dig billedet med det samme ^^