torsdag den 10. marts 2011


So back from Okashii-con and everything. :3

I manage to finish my Kai cosplay without pulling an all-nighter. XD;
I think I did him (MØF!!!) very well. :3 I’m proud of it anyways, and I can’t wait to take a photoshoot with my lovely Lea =w=

Anyways, Okashii-con was great and I had so much fun. ;w;
I don’t think I did all the “in-character” very well. XD; I was goofing around and laughing most of the time. XD
The only time I got the chance to pull a FULLY-in-character-thingie was when Shinji provoked me to.. XD and then I got raped by her.. lol XD;

Since I usually don’t take pictures at convention, I’ll steal some of the others pictures. XD; sorry guys >3<

My beloved Hopy came by to say Hi, and I was so glad to see her again! ;W; MISS YOU DARLING!

LOL Danish groupe of doom... with a DSi! XD

Sorry, Hayes. XD I just love this picture. Look how happy he is XD

Aaaw lovely Line Don't mind the freaks around her! XD

Thanks Hayes and Kiba for helping me look awesome XD

Chibi Ray and Kai taken by Ali Jehad

Thanks for a lovely con everybody ♥

Another news:
I just uploadet a new costume on the cosplay.con accond: Tima (casual) ^___^/

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  1. It was so good to see you again ;__; ♥ you and Lea's Beyblade cosplays were so freaking awesome! I wish I had more time to fangirl about you~ and I hope you'll wear it again to a danish con so I can go all *WEEEEEE* xD ♥ and btw btw even though you weren't in character the entire time, you were still as cool as Kai is ♥

    and Your Tima cosplay hurts me everytime ;__; the rope.. I feel the pain so much! >< but you were so cute as her~ and the outfit on is cute ♥