mandag den 14. november 2011

J-popcon 2011 cosplays

Hi guys..

I'll just upload a bit text and some pictures from this year of J-popcon since I'll just start write about all the things that I'm not so satisfied about.

Anyways... I had some secret cosplays that I'm now allowed to tell you about! wohoo~!

Performance cosplay: Nero & Angelo Credo (Devil May Cry 4)

-This cosplay took SO MUCH TIME AND ENERGY!!!.. OoO;
I'm not the big prop-marster or anything like that, and it was Nadia who figured out how to put most of the things together, while I did most of the crafting..
We made the cosplays so then we both can fit it.. So when we'll start uploading pictures from photoshoots and stuff like that don't get confused. XD
Anyways, we won "J-popcon Awards 2011" and OMG I'm so happy about it! ;A; There was so many awesome cosplayers, and such a great show!

Picture taken by K1B4.
You can see our show HERE!

Female cosplay: White Bunny Bulma (DragonBall)

-I was so nervous at first, since I know that I don't have a PERFECT body, but it's nothing I'm totally sad about. I was cosplaying together with my friend Ri-chan and her boyfriend, Ri-chan as black bunny Bulma and Morten as Vegeta... OH GOD they where so awesome! ;w;
But because I had to do some preparations for the cosplay show I didn't get much time with them. ;A;  

Picture by Ali Jihad

And then I would like to congratulate WCS Team Denmark 2012, Yoshu and Samie... They where so amazing, I don't even! ;A; Good luck girls!!!

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  1. I var så fantastisk fine <3

  2. You were so awesome, ladies - and FYI, you look just perfect as Bulma!

  3. I ♥ your act~ It was so cool! >w< ♥

  4. Dude, you rock both cosplays <3
    And I loved the act :D