mandag den 16. maj 2011

Update on Desu-con cosplays and Ayane cosplay

Kami, Kiba, Nadia and me was invited to the Norway convention, Desu-con, and I'm looking so much forward to it. ;W;

I've been a bit in a doub what I wanted to cosplay.. Weather it should be "The Grate SaiyaGirl" (Dragonball), Blinded (Fatal frame) or Ayane (Ninja Gaiden Zigma II)
Oh well. But my plans for this convention is:

Natsuki Kuga (My Hime) // Anti Sora (kingdom Hearts 2)

I'm currently working on Sora and so far, I'm halfdone with his jacket. Yay me. XD;
I'll uploade some pictures og the jacket when I'm done with it. (Even though the hoodie looks kinda... stupid. >__>)

ALSO, I asked a good friend of mine, Rose, to help my out with a jewelry for my Ayane cosplay and she did a WONDERFULL job! Seriously I can't wait to see it IRL!

Check her blog or her sale on out. She do al lots of nice jewelry! And she rocks! 8D

Over and out!

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