mandag den 21. februar 2011


So.. okashiicon is in under two weeks, and I’m still not half done with my cosplay. XD;;;
When I ordered my wigs, I was told that they couldn’t guarantee that they would arrive in time, so I more or less started to wonder, what I should cosplay instead…

I’m starting to fangirl all over My Hime/ Mai Otome again, and wanted so bad to cosplay Natsuki.
So I started to make her school uniform from the My Hime serie. :3

Process: 30%

Friday two weeks ago, I was suppose to borrow my parents car so then me and some friends could drive to a HUGE fabric shop, but unfortunately my moms aunt got sick and was about to die, so her and my grandmother had to drive to the other end of the country to give her what they thought would be their last visit.
So I have been waiting for an opportunity where my gf and me could take the train together to the fabric shop.
There we found some fabric for the girl’s school uniform from Code Geass.
I’m so much in love with Shirley, so I want to use mine to cosplay as her. :3
So.. I started to sew her. XD

Process: 50%

BUT.. I was So lucky that both of my wigs for Okashiicon arrived last week… so now I need to sew my Kai together. :3

Process: 20%

From now on and till J-popcon 2011 I will try to keep a process line for “The Secret Project”. :3
Just for fun. XD

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  1. Loooking forward to it~~ *O* I can see you as KAI LOL x'D You are going to be sooo bad ass! <3

  2. "Just for fun" XD You mean "Just to Tease You, Guys" xD hahahhaaaa!!