fredag den 24. december 2010

Cosplays this year

Hello everyone, happy xmas ^^

I'll just make a quick update for my cosplays this year... just because I'm bored.. XD

From now on, I'll write in english since my cusin from Australia is following my blog. Love you Sora /;3;/

anyways, I'll make a list and uploade SOME pictures.. ^^

Friday: Jessie (Team Rocket) - cosplay partner: Sidsel and Oliver (as James and meowth)
Satruday: Natsuki Kruger (Mai Otome Zwei) - Cosplay partner: Lea (as Shizuru)
Sunday: Kugurumi XD

Friday: Bulma (DBZ)
Saturday: Ilia (The lengend of Zelda - Twillight princess) - Cosplay partner: Nadia (as Link)
Sunday: Japanese Orian (traditional) - Cosplay partner: Hopy (as the same)

Friday: Megumi (Burst angel) - Cosplay partner: Hopy (as Jo)
Saturday: Dark Mousy (Dn angel) - Cosplay partner Lea (as Krad)
Sunday: Dark Mousy (Dn angel) - Cosplay partner: Lea (As Krad)


This year I'm planning a lot of other stuff, and I'll proberly change my plans like a 100times, so there is no reason to list 'em up. XD

Happy xmas and a greate new year ;3;/

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